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cranberry-stuffed-squash recipe

Date:    Mon, 04 Oct 93 07:43:24 PDT
 From:    Julia Eulenberg (eulenbrg@u.washington.edu)
 Laurel's Kitchen has a recipe which I like very much.  
 	1/2 c. cranberries (she calls for fresh; I've used reconstituted dry)
 	1 small apple, chopped in 3/4-inch pieces
 	1/4 c. chopped raisins
 	Juice and grated peel of 1 small orange
 	1-1/2 T honey
 	dash salt
 I've tried this by precooking on stove and stuffing into squash before
 serving or by baking with squash.  Esp. if using dried cranberries, it
 works better to precook and poor; otherwise, they redry.  So, bake the
 squash at 350F 1/2 hour face down in water, 2nd half hour upright stuffed or
 unstuffed, and serve.  A great hit, and pretty too.  Two people commented
 at a dinner party that if they'd been served squash that way as a kid,
 they would have eaten it!
 kwhoney honey