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vegetable-stock recipe

Date:    02 Sep 93 10:46:42
 From:    amk@bnk1.bnkst.edu
 From the New York Times yesterday in the eating well column by Marian
 Vegetable Stock
 1 large leek, halved lengthwise with half the green part removed
 3 baking potatoes, unpeeled
 6 carrots, peeled
 8 celery stalks
 3 medium zucchini
 2 large unpeeled onions quarted
 1/2 lb. fresh mushrooms, quartered
 1 whole head of garlic, unpeeled but crushed ( a chance to practice our 
 knife whacking skills  :-)
 10 black peppercorns
 8 fresh thyme sprigs
 8 fresh parsley sprigs
 3 bay leaves
 Cut the leek, potatoes, carrots, celery and zucchini in 1 inch pieces
 In a large stockpot combine all the ingredients - add water until it is six 
 inches above the top of the vegetable.  Bring to a boil, uncovers; reduce 
 heat, cover and simmer on hour, skim top if necessary 
 Remove cover after hour and simmer 45 minutes and then strain, pressing 
 vegetables with spoon to release their flavor  (any one have any uses for the  
 mushy veggis afterwards besides composte?)
 Yeild: 8 cups
 Approximate nutritional analysis per serving: 35 calories, )1 gram  fat, 0 
 milligrams cholesterol, 15 milligrams sodium, 1 gram protein, 8 grams 
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