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vegetable-stew-3 recipe

Date:    Wed, 29 Mar 95 17:48:10 EST
 From:    cscalzi@hi.com (Casey Scalzi)
 This one dish supper is great in either the fall as a warm comforting stew, or
 in the spring as a celebration of the abundance of new plants and vegetables
 Vegetable Medly
 	2	C. corn noodles
 	1/2	C. pinto, lima, or white navy beans
 	1	tsp. garlic powder
 	1/2	tsp. salt
 	1	C. frozen corn
 	1	C. frozen peas
 	1	C. sliced carrots
 	2	C. frozen Broccoli
 	2	C. frozen string beans
 		tomato sauce
 Soak beans in 2 cups of water for two hours.  After two hours, drain 
 water and boil beans, 1 tsp. garlic powder, and salt  in at least 3 cups of 
 water.  Cook for 1 hour adding water as needed.
 When beans are cooked, set aside.
 Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.  Add corn noodles and carrots.
 When noodles and carrots are cooked, drain and mix with cooked beans, 
 frozen corn, peas, broccoli, string beans, and garlic powder.  Add enough
 tomato sauce to cover and simmer a couple more minutes until the sauce is 
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