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scarborough-stew recipe

Date: 4 Dec 1995 09:54:59 +0100
 From: "Smith, Stephen" (ssmith@mailcenter.tsmi.iitri.com)
 I'm looking for alternatives to curry and chili to spice up my low sodium, vlf
 diet. Lately I've been experimenting with a dish I call Scarborough Stew. It's
 a simple boiled vegetable dish flavored with a mixture of parsley, sage,
 rosemary and thyme. 
 Basic recipe:
 1 cup onion coursely chopped
 1/2 cup celery sliced
 4-6 potatoes pared and cubed
 2-3 carrots peeled and sliced
 1/2 head cabage cut into 1 inch pieces
 large can of tomatoes (I drain and chop mine)
 3 cups water or stock 
   (I've had success using 2 cans of Health Valley Low-sodium Fat-free stock)
 1/2 cup barley or browm rice
 Spice mixture (see below)
 Simmer this mixture for at 1 hour.  
 Remove and puree 1 cup of the vegetables and return to the pot. 
 Add 1 cup (or 1 can) of cooked kidney or lima beans
 Optionaly add left-overs from the refrigerator (e.g. califlower)
 Let the additions warm and serve.
 Spice Mixture:
 In my most recent trial, I used dried vs fresh spices
 1 t parsley
 1/4 t rubbed sage
 1/2 t whole rosemary (crushed)
 1/2 t whole thyme (crushed)
 1 bay leaf
 The stew was very fragrent with the sage seeming to over-power the others.
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