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moroccan-stew recipe

Date:    Tue, 29 Mar 94 10:54:33 EST
 From:    Brian Forester (forester@elvis.srl.ford.com)
 Moroccan Stew
 Well here is the recipe, enjoy!
 Some water or vegie broth
 Two large onions, chopped
 Four cloves garlic (large cloves, mash these)
 Spices (Just keep ratios approximately,  it is actually very good to
 areplace teaspoon with tablespoon here) [not very many of my friends 
 liked it that spicy]
 	1 teaspoon ground cumin
 	1 teaspoon tumeric
 	1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
 	1/4 to 1 teaspoon cayenne
 	1/2 teaspoon paprika
 2 diced sweet potatos
 2 diced zuccini
 2 diced summer squash
 1 diced carrot
 2 diced tomatoes
 1 diced bell (green) pepper
 2 or 1 (depending if you like the buggers) cans garbanzo beans (drained)
 raisins (however many you like, I used a cup of raisins).
 Saute onions, garlic and spices in water or vegie broth.  Add sweet
 potatoes, zuccini summer squash and carrots. Let stew.  Add tomatoes,
 bell pepper and garbanzos. Let stew.  Add raisins.  Let stew until
 potatoes are mushy ( or cooked to your liking).  [I added water as
 Serve over cous cous or rice.
 Servings:  a lot!
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