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galician-stew recipe

Date:    Thu, 09 Sep 93 10:22:46 PDT
 From:    therese@garnet.berkeley.edu
 Adaption of a recipe by Mollie Katzen, in the Enchanted
 Broccoli Forest.
 Galician Garbanzo Stew
 2 cups dried garbanzos (chick peas), soaked overnight and cooked in 5
    cups vegetable stock or water
 1/4 cup vegetable stock (for saute-ing)
 1 onion, cubed
 3 cloves garlic, minced or crushed
 1 carrot, cubed
 1 stalk celery, cubed
 1 bay leaf
 1 tsp cumin
 1 tsp dry mustard
 large pinch saffron, crushed
 1/2 cup peas
 1 tomato, diced
 1 Tbls red wine vinegar
 salt and pepper to taste
 Cook the garbanzos until tender.  Puree 2/3 of the garbanzos with cooking
 water until smooth, then stir back into the pot with the whole garbanzos.
 While beans are cooking, saute the vegetables in the stock until tender,
 adding more stock as necessary to keep from sticking.  Add to the pot with
 the pureed and whole garbanzos, add spices and cook for 1 hour.  10 minutes
 before serving, stir in tomato, peas, vinegar, and salt and pepper.  Serve
 with crusty wheat bread.  Enjoy!
 Note:  I cooked the garbanzos in a pressure cooker with 4 cups of stock,
 and it came out okay.  If the soup is too thick for you, thin it with a
 bit more stock.
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