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broccoli-bean-stew recipe

Date:    Wed, 22 Feb 95 20:13:12 PST
 From:    Lois Patterson (lpat@unixg.ubc.ca)
 Broccoli and Navy Bean Stew
 Cook some buckwheat spaghetti, and save the water.
 Heat some water with about 1/2 t. of red wine vinegar, and saute some 
 broccoli and onions (cut up, of course).  When near-tender, add some cooked 
 navy beans (I happened to have a can of Eden brand) and the drained 
 spaghetti.  If there isn't enough liquid, use a little of the spaghetti 
 water.  Also include a little rosemary (1/2 t. approx.)  Cook a little 
 longer.  Serve with some raw diced tomato on top.
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