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8-vegetable-stew recipe

Date:    Sat, 01 Apr 95 16:37:10
 From:    "Natalie Frankel" (Natalie.Frankel@mixcom.com)
 This is in response to Jody Bar-On's requests for a main dish idea for
 I just visited my folks in (SUNNY!) Florida and they made this for us. 
 It's from a lovely illustrated cookbook called The Passover Gourmet.  Most
 recipes are filled with fat but can be easily adapted.
 I'm going to serve this as my main dish, as it's very reminiscent of
 brisket.  It'll serve as a vegetable side dish for the brisket eaters.  It
 should be very good served over the roasted potatoes that will be the side
 dish for everyone else.  This is a very satisfying dish and can be made
 ahead and reheated easily in the microwave or even baked in the oven with
 the other dishes, if desired.  It can also be easily increased based on the
 number of people at your table.  
 2 onions
 2 carrots (or 1/2 lb. peeled baby carrots)
 2 red peppers
 2 tomatoes
 2 ribs celery
 1 cup mushrooms
 1 zucchini
 1/2 pound fresh green beans
 1 cup tomato paste
 1 TB sugar 
 1 dash salt
 salsa to taste - about 1/4 cup (we added this because it needed spicing up)
 Slice onions, carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, and
 zucchini, setting tomatoes aside.  
 Saute all plus green beans in your favorite sautee liquid for 10 mins. 
 Add tomato paste, sugar, salt, tomatoes and salsa with 1 cup of water.
 Cover and cook 20 mins.
 Serves 4-6.
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