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zucchini-potato-soup recipe

Date:    Mon, 30 Aug 93 10:30:18 EDT
 From:    epochsys!aiko@uunet.uu.net (Aiko Pinkoski)
 (based on a recipe from Good Food Gourmet)
 Cold Zucchini & Potato soup.  serves about 2.
 Cook 1 chopped small onion in veg. broth or water.  Add 1 more cup broth or 
 water, about 1/2c. grated zucchini, 4 baby potatoes (or about 1 c.) (sliced 
 thin--I left peel on, they are organic though), 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 
 (or to taste), a bit of tarragon (again to taste--1/4 tsp or so?), simmer 
 covered til potatoes are soft.  Blend everything and chill.  
 Became pretty thick soup when cold, so you might want to add more broth.  
 I had splashed in too much vinegar so I thinned the soup with skim milk 
 before serving and it came out great. Recommended if you like tarragon.
 kwlacto lacto