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white-bean-soup recipe

Date:    Fri, 08 Apr 94 13:54:38 CDT
 From:    cgibas@wraightc3.life.uiuc.edu (Cynthia J. Gibas)
 3-4 c. navy beans, soaked several hours
 navy beans will need to cook for about 1.5 hours.  (My pressure cooker is
 broken).  Do this while you prepare the rest of the soup.
 3 large onions, cut into chunks
 8 stalks celery, cut into chunks
 1/2 medium head of cabbage, cored and sliced
 stir and fry these things in a minimum of cooking spray or in water or veg
 broth, until they are slightly browned.  Add:
 water to cover
 2 T. tarragon
 2 T. sage
 2 T  thyme
 2 T. parsley
 1/4 cup veggie broth powder
 10 large carrots, cut into chunks
 Cook until carrots are tender and turn off heat.  When beans are done, add
 beans and some bean water until you get a consistency you like.  I added 3
 potatoes (grated) near the end because I wanted it thicker. 
 Salt optional.  It's kind of sweet if you don't add a little.
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