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tomato-bean-soup recipe

Date:    22 Jul 93 14:40:57 -0900
 From:    "Ari Kornfeld" (ari_kornfeld@qm.sri.com)
 Subject:   RECIPE:  Easy Tomato Bean Soup                            2:26 PM
   It's funny how once you change eating habits you forget about old recipes. 
 anyway, this is an old favorite of mine that just so happens to be fat free.  I
 made it last night and it tasted great.  The recipe is adapted from a book
 called "cooking for one is fun" which is an adaptation of NYT recipes for
 smaller portions.  This recipe scales to any size.
 1 can "new england" baked beans (make sure it doesn't have lard in it.)
 1 can stewed tomatoes
 1 can water
 bay leaf
 your favorite soup-herbs & spices
 Just dump it all in a pot, bring to a boil, then simmer for anywhere from
 45minute to 1.5hours.  Longer cooking = thicker soup, mushier beans.  Tastes
 even better after a day or so (remember to refridge and reheat ;-)
 Suggested h&s:  whole pepper corns, fresh garlic, tarragon, chili pepper...
 Variations:  use "flavored" stewed tomatoes such as mexican- & italian-style
 The soup also taste great over rice.
 kwvegan vegan