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tomatillo-soup recipe

Date:    Sun, 25 Sep 94 14:44:46 PDT
 From:    Ari Kornfeld (ari@perspective.com)
   I haven't posted a recipe in a while.  Here's a really excellent
 full-bodied soup adapted from a local newspaper.  Tomatillos are still
 in season out here (San Fran area).
   (serves 4-6)
 1 1/2 lb  tomatillos  (~3 kg)
 1 medium  russet potato (~ .5 lb, .25 kg)
 5 cups    well-seasoned vegetable broth (~ 1.25 liter)
 3-6       mild chili peppers such as Anaheim and Pasilla
 3         shallots, minced
 2         garlic cloves, minced (forgot to add it this time, but
              normally add around five to ten. YMMV)
 1/2       lime
 1         jalapeno pepper (two if you want a "kick")
 2TB       fresh cilantro, minced (or a handful)
 salt and pepper to taste
 1         red bell pepper (optional)
 - Broil and peel, peppers (Anaheim, Pasilla, and Red - not jalapeno)
 - sautee garlic & shallots in some broth
 - microwave potato for two minutes to just barely soften
 - husk, chop the tomatillos, chop potato
 - Boil, then simmer sauteed stuff, tomatillos, potato, and broth until
   the potato & tomatillos are soft:  15-30 minutes
 - Add equivalent of three of the broiled chiles, plus diced jalapeno
   lime juice, and minced cilantro.  Simmer for five minutes.
 - Puree the whole bit in a blender or food mill.
   Serve hot or cold garnished with cilantro and the remaining broiled
 peppers (the red peppers taste especially good).  You may want to
 provide salt & pepper to accomodate people's differing tastes.
   The cold version has a stronger potato taste than the hot version.
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