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therapeutic-soup recipe

Date:    Fri, 08 Apr 94 11:06:05 EDT
 From:    Kirstin Reade Wilcox (krw3@columbia.edu)
 therapeutic soup
 2-3 heads garlic
 2-3 quarts water or veggie broth/bouillion
 1/4 -1/2 cup tamari/shoyu/soy sauce
 1 lemon
 Boil the garlic in the water or broth for about an hour.  Don't worry if 
 you're too weak to peel all that garlic--just break it into a few clumps 
 and the boiling action will do the rest. Strain and stir in the tamari.  
 Serve, squeezing a slice of lemon into each cup.  
 That's the bare minimum recipe.  It benefits from enhancement: a few 
 stalks of fresh parsley, celery, or carrots boiled with the garlic; a 1/4 
 tsp. each of sage and thyme and a bayleaf; a dried red pepper if you find 
 spicy-hot liquids soothing; some chopped cilantro leaves; any combination 
 of the above (but probably not all!).
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