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sweet-potato-chestnut-soup recipe

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 11:53:51 -0500
 From: LRLady@aol.com
 Sweet Potato-Apple-Chestnut Soup
 This was dinner the other night.  It's a "just dump" recipe, so I hope you're
 all feeling adventurous.  And maybe someone can come up with an
 improved/simplified method.  The soup started as leftovers from a previous
 dinner.  You will all see how well I'm learning from all of you!  The main
 dish was sweet potatoes (3, peeled, sliced, steamed), apples (1-2 [I forget
 how many], unpeeled, sliced, steamed briefly with the sweet potato slices),
 and chestnuts (7-8, cut an X, put in dish with a little water in microwave,
 steam a few minutes, peeled).  When all is cooked, put in one pot and add
 maple syrup (the real stuff) and vegetable broth, simmering until sauce is
 reduced and slightly syrupy.  Well, that was good, but unremarkable. The soup
 was what was good and I will jump immediately to this step next time.  Dump
 leftovers, sauce and all, in food processor.  Add more vegetable broth.  Add
 some ground coriander and ground cardamom--amybe a tsp. each.  Pepper if
 desired.  Whiz it until smooth and creamy and the consistency you want,
 adding broth as needed.  Heat, serve with a sprinkle of paprika on top for
 color.  I *think* that's all I did!  (My memory is like a sieve, so I hope I
 didn't forget anything. :-) )  Anyhow, the flavor was bright and interesting,
 and the soup was thick and satisfying.  Wish I'd written down the exact
 procedure the same day!
 kwvegan vegan