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summer-borsch recipe

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:17:53 -0800
From: "mila g." (greensheepy@usa.net)

This is a very old recipe for borsch ( a type of soup originated in
Russia). This is a summer borsch that is supposed to be eaten
cold. It's delicious and it's supposed to be a red color because of
the beets in it.

Summer Borsch:
Ingredients: 5-6 meduim sized beets (peeled)
                2-3 meduim peeled potatoes
                2 pounds of spinach (chopped)
                4 packs of chopped scallions
                1 bunch of chopped parsley
            4-5 tbsp of lemon juice
            salt, sugar and vegeta according to taste

Boil water and put in potatoes & beets
 Mix chopped spinach, scallions, and parsley in a big bowl
 After beets are cooked, take them out
Take potatoes out
 As soon as potatoes & beets are taken out, put in parsley, scallions &
 Let them cook over medium heat
 Meanwhile, cut potatoes in small pieces and put them in the pot (with
scallions, etc.) Bring to a boil (about 5minutes) and add salt, sugar,
and vegeta according to taste
 Shred the beets and add them inside the pot
Add lemon juice
Turn off heat and put into the fridge.

*Serve cold w/ fatfree sour cream
Optional: Serve w/ cut up hard-boiled egg whites, cucumber and dill.

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