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potato-leek-soup-4 recipe

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 11:28:02 -0400
 From: jbs11@cornell.edu (J B Segelken)
 Adapted this recipe last night from one I received at the Farmer's Market.
 It was super yummy!
 Potato Leek Soup
 3 leeks
 3 stalks celery
 1 large onion
 4 cloves garlic
 3-4 cups chopped potato
 1-2 tbs. each parsley, thyme, rosemary
 2 qts water
 1 tsp. black pepper
 2 cups skim milk
 Trim roots and coarse leaves off leeks. Cut in half, lenghtwise. Then cut
 into 1-inch pieces. Break apart and put into stock pan. Chop celery and
 onion; add to stock pan. Saute in water until onions are translucent. Add
 potatoes, spices and water -- bring to boil and then simmer until potatoes
 are done, approx. 30 minutes. Put potato mixture into a food processor (or
 blender) and puree (or mash potatoes). Put back into stock pan and slowly
 add milk. Warm and serve.
 kwlacto lacto