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potato-leek-soup-3 recipe

Date:    Sat, 15 Jan 94 19:15:34 PST
 From:    Courtney Elizabeth Uhler (uhlerc@uclink.berkeley.edu)
 potato leek soup
 Dice 3 leeks and 1 large onion. Saute them in your soup pot with just
 enough liquid to keep the vegetables from burning. While they are cooking,
 peel and dice 5 large or 6 medium potatoes. Add to the leeks and onion,
 along with 6 cups of vegetable broth. Allow to simmer for at least an hour
 (I often put it up in the morning and let it cook all day), then season to
 taste with salt and pepper. Other seasonings may be added (ex. dill,
 thyme, etc.) The seasonings will depend on the taste of the stock you
 started with. Puree the whole batch. You can do this in a food processor
 or with a hand blender.  If you have neither, try mashing with a potatoe
 masher. The soup will be thick because of the potatoes. 
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