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mixed-vegetable-soup recipe

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 14:09:44 PST
From: "harnek singh" (harneks@hotmail.com)

Delicious and Nutritious Mixed Vegetable Soup

I make this soup whenever I have  fresh vegetables at home.
Also my favorite recipe as I do not like the taste of corn starch or any 
other thickner in my soup.

Servings 4

2 Medium sized potatoes
1 bunch fresh spinach
5 medium carrot
4 stalks Asparagus
1 medium large ripe tomato
1/3 bunch of fresh cilantro
3 medium carrots
About 5-6 cups of water
A pinch of Salt
A dash of ground black pepper

Chop the Spinach, carrots,Asparagus finely. Cut  potatoes into large 
pieces, into not more than 4 pieses per potato, as  we want big pieses 
of potatoes. Boil all the veggies in a large stock pot with the water 
and a pinch of salt, until  the vegetables get soft. Then pick out the 
boiled pieses of potaoes and blend them with the tomato and 1/4 cup 
water in a blender. 
Put the potato - tomato paste in a non-stick  pot and saute for 10-15 
mins on a low heat until it gets roasted and dry. Then add  the boiled 
vegetables with the water to the roasted paste and let simmer for 
another 5 minutes. Add more water if desired. Garnish with chopped 
cilantro and a dash of pepper.
Can Substitute spinach with   cabbage . Can add other fresh vegetables 
like green beans, spring onions, beetroot....

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