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mixed-bean-soup recipe

Date:         Mon, 18 Sep 95 08:58:19 EDT
 From: Muriel Kranowski (DOC@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU)
 Made this over the weekend when it finally got cool here, and it was
 a big hit with my entire family (who are only veg'ns when I'm cooking).
 I didn't measure anything so the measurements are my guesses, two
 days later.  The main idea is to use a small amount of a big bean (the
 pintos in this case) and a large amount of whatever small legumes I
 have on hand.
                MIXED BEAN SOUP  (T)
                Yield: 8 servings
       about 1/2 cup pinto beans
       about 1/2 cup each: brown lentils
                           green split peas
                           tiny red Indian lentils
                           small yellow Indian lentils
       large onion
       large potato
       stalk of celery
       clove of elephant garlic
       about 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
       about 1/2 tsp each dried herbs: sage
       soy sauce and/or salt to taste
 Soak the pinto beans either quick-soak (boil 2 minutes, turn off heat,
 let soak 1 hour) or overnight in at least 4 cups of water.  Drain, rinse
 Pick through and rinse all the other legumes and barley.  Put all into a
 large pot with at least 6 cups of water.  Bring water to a boil, reduce
 to a simmer, and cook uncovered for an hour.
 Peel and trim the vegetables and chop them finely either by hand or in
 a food processor (don't puree them!).  Add to soup with vinegar and
 herbs but do not add the soy sauce or salt at this time.  Bring the
 soup back to a simmer and cook another hour or until everything
 is to your preferred degree of softness.
 I like to puree some of the soup in a food processor when it's all
 done and stir it back in, for a nicer texture.  At the end, add soy
 sauce and/or salt to taste -- the soy sauce adds a nice flavor as well
 as saltiness.  Add water to get the texture you prefer if it is thick.
 General instructions throughout cooking:  Keep an eye on the pot --
 the legumes release a lot of scum that may boil over.  I find that
 after I remove the initial burst of scum and wipe the inside of the
 pot with a wet paper towel, it's okay after that.  Also check to see
 if you need to add more water or to regulate the simmer.  Stir it up
 from the bottom occasionally so it won't stick.  Don't let it get too
 hot (keep a low simmer) to avoid both sticking and running out of
 water or even scorching on the bottom.  (I imagine a crockpot
 would be very nice to avoid all this picky looking and stirring.)
 Really, it's not a big deal -- but look at it occasionally.
 Note on the Indian lentils: I don't remember what these are called.
 I get them at my hfs, but I've seen them in the supermarket health-
 food section as well.  I think the reds are "mansur dal" and the
 yellows are "chana dal", but am not sure -- I get them from bulk bins
 and then keep them in quart jars, so nothing is marked.  I imagine
 any lentil-type legumes would work great.
 kwvegan vegan