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miso-squash-soup recipe

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 08:17:15 EDT
From: WCDancer@aol.com

Heres a simple and delicious Miso Soup.. 

 Miso - Squash Soup

2 Cup Winter Squash (Butternut, Buttercup, Delicato, Hokaido etc.) - cubed
   (peel only if not organic)
1 Onion, - medium dice
2-4 pieces of Wakame ( sea vegetable  )
4-5 Cups of Water
1-2 Tablespoon Dark/Mugi/Red or  Genmai  Miso - to taste
Sliced scallions for garnish

1.  Place Squash, onion, Wakame and water in a saucepan. 

2.  Bring to a boil and then simmer until Squash is soft, about 20-30  

3. Dissolve Miso into soup, simmer a minute more and serve with scallions.

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