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miso-soup-4 recipe

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 10:00:12 -0700
From: Roy Parker (billwill@sk.sympatico.ca)
Message-Id: (37A9C31B.296BFF29@sk.sympatico.ca)

Miso Soup

Here's how I make mine - but it varies:

1 cup filtered water
Some carrot thinly sliced
Leeks white several rings ( 6 or seven slices)
Leek tops about 1.8th cup ( a flew slices)
1/4 dried shitaki mushroom
a bit of kombu seaweed ( dried stuff)

I boil the mixture for about 5 to ten minutes

Towards the end I remove a few spoons of the liquid and pout in a small
glass container
Then I stir into this 1 teaspoon of miso ( usually barley which I get at
the HFS)
The I remove the soup from the heat - stir in the miso ( Miso should
never be boiled) and let sit for three minutes and then enjoy.
I usually make this at breakfast.
You can add a couple of left over beans or some tofu or whatever.
Its great for making the intestines healthy

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