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minestrone-soup-4 recipe

Date:    Thu, 13 Oct 94 12:47:00 EDT
 From:    DBONGIORNI@a1.pbs.org
          Minestrone Soup
          2 Quarts of Your favorite vlf stock
          5 stalks celery, destrung, chopped fine
          2 carrots, chopped fine
          1 can canneloni beans (white beans)
          1 bunch of scallions, cleaned and chopped
          4 drops extra virgin olive oil, (or sub. pam)
          4 cloves garlic, chopped fine
          2 cups fresh spinach, cleaned and chopped
          1 bunch fresh parsley or cilantro - whichever you like better 
          1 leaf fresh sage (Don't put more!)
          Pour stock into very large soup pot.  Add choped celery, carrots 
          and can of beans (rinsed).  Bring to rolling boil.  
          In a skillet, add drops of oil and saute garlic, scallions and 
          spinach.  Add boiling stock as necessary to soften everything.
          Dump contents of skillet into stock pot.  Cook for 25 minutes.  
          (Liquid will be reduced.  Taste - it it's gotten too 
          concentrated, dilute with water.)
          Five minutes before serving, add chopped fresh parsley and 1 
          leaf of fresh sage chopped.  
          Serve with oat bran rolls.    
          The spinach and parsley turn this a nice green color.
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