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lentil-soup-2 recipe

Date:    Tue, 01 Feb 94 16:46:08 EST
 From:    dean@underground.irhe.upenn.edu (Kareema Dean)
 Lentil soup
 I love this adaptation of the arabic Shorbat Adts..... 
 Boil together:
 2 cups split red lentils
 1 onion chopped
 1 small carrot peeled and chopped
 1 small zucchini (peeled and chopped ... peeling is optional... make sure
 it is a small zuke or use half a regular one.
 2 cloves garlic (more or less) crushed
 1/2 stalk celery (chopped and optional!)
 Boil these over medium heat in 3 cups of broth or water to begin with...
 check every 10 min. or so and add water as needed.  
 It should take about 30-40 min before the lentils break down and are soft
 and mushy.  Blend the soup until smooth and return to pot.  Add 2 tsp (or
 more!) Cumin and 1 tsp of coriander, salt and pepper.  I like to add a dash
 of cinnamon.  Cook about 5- 10 min.  more and serve with a lemon wedge and
 pita "croutons" (just toast/dry out pita in the oven and break into pieces)
  YUM!!!!  (you may need to add water -up to a cup! at the end here... if it
 is too thick)
 Especially good with an arabic salad which is:
 2 tomatoes chopped
 1 zuke, peeled and chopped
 1/2 onion chopped very fine or several scallions
 Toss with 2 tsp cumin, dash of coriander and some cayenne, 1-2 tbsp lemon
 juice, 1 tsp vinegar and salt.  I add about a tablespoon of water and
 "toss" with my hand.  (don't ask me why it seems to taste better!)  This
 salad is especially tasty if it sits a bit... Serve at room temp with pita
 bread and something else yummy like the soup above or felafil.  
 kwvegan vegan