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leek-bean-soup recipe

Date:    Fri, 11 Feb 94 16:29:30 GMT
 From:    Sarah J Liebert (sajl@doc.ic.ac.uk)
 Leek and Butter Bean Soup.
 3 large leeks
 125g/5oz dried butter beans
 dash of white wine vinegar
 vegetable stock
 lemon juice
 fresh chopped parsley
 black pepper
 Soak beans in water overnight, boil until fairly tender (about 1.5 hours 
 depending on age of beans). Cut leeks into slices and saute in a little 
 water and vinegar.  Add beans, a mixture of bean water and vegetable stock
 about twice volume of solids, and simmer for about 30-40 minutes. Reserve a 
 few beans and leek pieces for texture and puree the rest. Return pieces to soup
 and stir in seasonings to taste. 
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