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jacqueline-myrnas-onion-soup recipe

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 08:53:43 -0300
From: "Boxel" (boxel@sr.net)

Jacqueline and Myrna's Onion Soup


2 lbs                onions - cut in smal pieces
4 -5                 gloves of garlic - cut in small pieces
1 lb                  tomatoes - cut in small pieces
2 lbs                patatoes - cut in small cubes
2                     red hot peppers
1/2 gallon         water
bouilloncubes   to taste
black pepper    to taste


1.    Simmer the onions yellow (not brown!), add garlic a few minutes
2.    Add tomatoes, simmer another 5 minutes
3.    Add patatoes, simmer a few minutes
4.    Add water and peppers and cook for half an hour
5.    Taste and add cubes
6.    Take about half of the onions and potatoes out of the pot and
blend these.
7.    Put back in the pot and let the soup thicken a bit.
8.    Taste again and add black pepper tot taste

Serve with (rye) bread and the cut (with fork and knife! - remove the
seeds) hot pepper.

Optional: put the soup in cups, put french bread on top, put some ff
cheese on it and grill to brown.

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