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grilled-summer-tomato-red-pepper-soup recipe

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:54:03 -0800
From: "Baumbach, Dawn" (Dawn.Baumbach@COMPAQ.com)

I got this recipe off of the Oprah Winfrey website - www.oprah.com.
Sounds yummy, especially on a cold night.

Grilled Summer Tomato & Red Pepper Soup 
	3 Pounds tomatoes, cut in half  
2 Vidalia onions, cut in half  
6 Red peppers, cut in half and seeded  
1 Garlic head, wrapped in foil  
1/2 Teaspoon basil, freshly chopped  
1/2 Teaspoon chives, freshly chopped  
1/2 Teaspoon oregano, freshly chopped  
2 Quarts vegetable stock
1 Ear sweet corn, grilled  
Additional fresh herbs for garnish 		

Preheat gas grill on medium setting.  Put vegetables in bowl, lightly
spray with water and toss with herbs except garlic.  Place vegetables cut
side down on grill along with garlic pack. Place ear of corn on grill too.
Grill until lightly charred on both sides.  When vegetables are
sufficiently charred, place back in bowl and cover with foil (except
corn). Allow to sit for 20 minutes.  While vegetables cool, heat stock.
Peel and seed tomatoes. Peel peppers. Squeeze garlic cloves.  Using a
blender, puree vegetables and garlic with stock. (Mixture should have a
chunky consistency.) Add fresh basil, chives and oregano.  Season with
salt and pepper and lightly simmer.  Cut corn from cob. Garnish soup with
corn kernels and additional fresh herbs.  Note: Soup can be served hot or

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