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green-salsa-soup recipe

Date: Fri,  6 Oct 1995 20:05:32 -0400 (EDT)
 From: Cindy_Bloch@transarc.com
 	A friend of mine just made me the most wonderful mexican
 soup!!!  Here's what you do:
 	1.  Make a vegetable soup.  Not one with a tomato base, but
 	    a "clear" one with a vegetable broth base or a vegetarian
 	    "chicken" flavor or "beef" flavor base.
 	    Put in veggies like potatoes, carrots, green beans,
 	    zucchini, maybe cabbage at the end (so it doesn't make the
 	    soup bitter).  Also try to put in hunks of corn on the cob
 	    (cut the cob into thirds or quarters).  This time she also
 	    put in a mexican veggie called something like achaeyote,
 	    which is a winter pear.  (There's someone from Mexico on
 	    this list, right?  Please correct my spelling.)
 	2.  Make a raw green salsa (there's a recipe in the
 	    archives, and there's also a recipe in Ornish's Reversing
 	    Heart Disease book).  For those of you who cook by the
 	    seat of your pants, so to speak, grind in a food
 			tomatillos (maybe a dozen)
 			a bunch of cilantro
 			2-3 or so cloves of garlic
 			serrano peppers to taste -- start with 3 and
 			   work your way up.  For a pot of soup that
 			   fed 6 hungry adults with some left over, we
 			   ended up with 12 peppers.
 The magic step:
 	3.  Just before you serve the soup: stir in the salsa.
 It was just magic.  I hope you like it as much as we did!
 p.s.  Oh yea, serve with warm tortillas.
 kwvegan vegan