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crockpot-soup recipe

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 07:08:59 +0000
From: Michele Bergh (mbergh@isd.net)

Crock Pot Soup

Here's a crock pot recipe (if you can call it that) that my entire
family loves.  It's similar to the Mix & Match Soup posted in #220:

We have a large crock pot, so if you have a smaller one you may need to
adjust things accordingly.  

1 head of cabbage, cut up in bite size pieces
1 can of corn
1small  can of mushrooms
1 can green beans
1 can of diced tomatoes, no salt added (about 15 oz)
1 can of tomato paste (8 oz)
1 bag frozen veggies (I use cauliflower, broccoli and carrots)
1 small onion
4 veggie broth cubes
2 T vegetarian Worsteschire (spelling?) 
3 Bay leaves

Throw it all in there - let it cook.  This makes a very thick soup.  If
you prefer more brothy soup you can add water (or actually make the
veggie broth and pour in).  I don't drain any of the cans of veggies. 
You can use fresh veggies if you prefer (I use canned and frozen for
ease).  You can use whatever kind of veggies you like.  I like tomatoes
a lot and so does my family so sometimes I two cans of tomatoes, it
depends on what I have on hand.  The tomato paste thickens the broth and
makes it more tomatoey, but I don't always use it, because I don't
always have it.  I think you get the idea but basically this is a "clean
your fridge and/or freezer and/or cupboards soup".  It's sooo easy and
everyone loves it.

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