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cold-vegetable-soup recipe

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 97 15:38:42 UT
 From: "Jeffrey Rubin" (jefrub@msn.com)
 Delicious cold soup
 I made this soup this morning and it disappeared almost immediately:
 1 medium large ripe tomato
 3 stalks of celery
 1 roasted red bell pepper with the juice that accumulated inside of it during 
 1/3 bunch of fresh cilantro
 3 medium carrots
 About 3/4 cup of water
 About 7-8 ounces of firm low fat tofu
 A dash of ground black pepper
 Cut up all vegetables and tofu and put them into a Vitamix (I don't know if it 
 will work in a food processor or blender) along with the water and black 
 pepper.  Run at high speed until it becomes a blended liquid.  There may still 
 be a few chunks of carrots that will lend crunchiness to the soup.
 Serve this just as it is or with a sprig of parsley or water cress.  
 kwvegan vegan