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carrot-mushroom-miso recipe

Date:    Fri, 11 Mar 94 07:40:09 CST
 From:    simmons@Texaco.COM (Robert L. Simmons)
 This is taken directly from Madhur Jaffrey's _World of the East
 Vegetarian Cooking_.
 Miso Soup With Carrots and Mushrooms
 1 strip kombu, about 7 x 4 inches
 1 carrot, peeled, and cut into very fine julienne matchsticks
 1/2 medium sized onion, peeled, and sliced into very fine half rings
 4 medium sized mushrooms, wiped, and cut into very thin slices
 A piece of lemon peel, 1 inch long and 1/3 inch wide, cut lengthwise
     into very fine, long slivers
 4 tablespoons red (its actual color is a rich brown) miso
 1/8 teaspoon 7-spice seasoning
 Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a 2.5 quart pot. Wipe the kombu lightly
 with a damp cloth, then drop into the water, making sure that it is well
 submerged. Turn off the heat. Leave the kombu in the water 2 to 3 minutes.
 Remove the kombu. (Save it for use in other recipes - works well in beans or
 veggie soups).
 Add the carrot, onion, mushrooms, and lemon peel to the kombu broth. Bring
 to a boil again, cover, and simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Turn off the
 Put miso in a small sieve. Partially submerge the sieve in the soup and
 press out the miso with a wooden spoon. [I found this too difficult since my
 sieve has too fine a mesh - I just scraped out the miso into the broth and
 mashed it against the sides of the pot to dissolve it.]
 Bring to a boil again. Just as the first bubbles form, turn off the heat.
 Stir the soup and ladle into soup bowls (lidded Japanese bowls are best [she
 says]}. Sprinkle each bowlful with the 7-spice seasoning [I omitted this,
 the soup is very flavorful without it] and serve immediately.
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