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borscht-3 recipe

Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 06:31:03 -0800
From: "andy&shell" (andy.shell@virgin.net)

1 bunch young beetroot
2 onions
2 Pts stock
1 Tsp yeast extract
1 Tsp brown sugar
1 lemon

Chop the onions and fry gently in a small amount of the stock but do not
brown them.  Add the beetroot which you have washed and shredded.  Pour in
the rest of the stock and the juice of the lemon, then the yeast extract,
sugar and salt to taste.  Simmer for 40 minutes, mash slightly or blend
part of the soup and serve with fresh parsley.
Adapted from "Healthy eating for a new age" by Joyce D'silva.

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