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black-bean-soup-2 recipe

Date:    Thu, 19 Jan 95 10:44:08 EST
 From:    Ayanna Gaines (AYANNA@BROWNVM.brown.edu)
 oh, and here's a recipe for black bean soup that a friend of mine made up
 during her days of being a poor pre-med student at barnard (she's now a poor
 med student at einstein); i first had it on our camping trips, as it's quick
 and easy, and i've augmented it to my own tastes.  it's great with rice, or
 even spaghetti.
       Black Bean Soup
 2 cans of black beans, rinsed
 chopped onion to taste
 clove of garlic, pressed or minced
 water to taste (i like enough to keep the beans from burning, and to make for a
      vaguely soupy consistency)
 spices:  i usually do -- 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp of that
          other red spice (i forgot the name -- cayenne! that's it), 1/4 to 1/2
          tsp cumin (this has a great afterbite; do it to your personal taste,
          but be careful -- it's easy to overdo), more garlic (powder if you
          like) to taste
 saute the onions and garlic in some water in a stickfree pan.  once the onions
 have become translucent, take them off the heat, and put them in a pot (large
 enough to handle about a quart's worth of fluid).  then, add your rinsed beans
 and enough water to keep them from burning, and to allow for maximum mingling
 of flavors.  turn on medium heat, add spices as you see fit, and stir well.
 this will bubble some, so if you're concerned about your stove top, use a lid.
 keep stirring, tho' -- to prevent the burning on the bottom.  it's done when
 the beans are cooked to your liking, and you like the consistency.
 this makes two servings each for a hungry boyfriend and a less ravenous woman
 one night, and enough for a lunch the next day.  enjoy!   -- ayanna
 kwvegan vegan