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asparagus-pepper-soup recipe

Date:    Mon, 11 Apr 94 13:11:20 EDT
 From:    mmk3@Lehigh.EDU (MARGARET M. KING)
 (1 hr. start to finish)
 2 lbs. asparagus, trimmed, cut into 1" pieces
 2 cups veggie broth
 1 roasted red pepper diced(1/3-1/2 cup total)
 1 can evap skim milk
 pepper to taste
 1. Place asparagus and broth into 4 qt pan and simmer for 15 min.,
    until tender.
 2. Puree asparagus/broth in blender. Take out some pieces for a
    chunkier consistency if you wish.
 3. Put puree back in pan and add red pepper, any reserved asparagus,
    black pepper, and can of milk.
 4. Heat until thickened to your liking.
 NOTE: You can add some thickener(flour,cornstarch) to hasten the process.
       I started the pepper roasting at about the same time as the the
       asparagus, and it worked out fine to add to soup.
 Serve with a salad and hearty bread!
 kwlacto lacto