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roasted-chickpeas recipe

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:18:28 -0700
 From: Barb Beck (barb@owlnut.rr.ualberta.ca)
 Roasted Chickpeas
 Chickpeas are easy to roast.  Simply cook them as usual, spice them
 and dry them.
 I dry them in my over on a very low setting on a non-stick cookie sheet.
 The oven happens to be a convection one and I use it in convection mode
 but would also work with a normal oven - just watch it a little more
 1. Chili Chickpeas - sprinkle them with chili powder, fresh ground cumin
 aand a little salt.
 2. Curry Chickpeas - sprinkle with your favorite curry mix and salt.
 3. Buffalo Chickpeas - Mix tabasco sauce (or another similar pepper
 sauce with some lemon juice (about equal proportions) or a few 
 crystals of citric acid (that is the acid in lemon juice).  You need
 the citric acid or the citric acid from the lemon juice because you
 want a tart flavor to the final product.  The vinegar in the tabasco
 will evaporate during the drying process.
 4. Taco Chickpeas - You guess it - roll them in taco seasoning then dry
 5.  Teriaki - cover with soysauce a little sugar, lots of garlic and
 lots of fresh back pepper and dry.
 6.  Cajun - Season with your favorite cajun spice mix and dry
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