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white-sauce recipe

Date:    Wed, 14 Sep 94 23:46:03 PDT
  	Many years ago when I purchased my Osterizer, it came with a cook
 book: _Blending Magic_ by Bernard Jensen.  On page 183 is a Basic White
 	3 Tbls Rice Polishings
 	1 cup milk (non-fat is ok)
 	3/4 tsp vegetable seasoning
 	dash Dulse powder
 	small sprig thyme
 -Blend smooth in blender, then put in saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring.
 The recipe suggests adding 1 Tbl butter, which I find to be 
 unnecessary.  Though the seasoning suggestions are nice, I found that
 they were quite opptional - sometimes no seasonings are in order - and
 at other times different seasonings are better, depending on what the
 roux, or "white" sauce will be served with.  The only part of the recipe
 that I "hold" to is the proportion of 3 Tbl rice polishings to 1 cup
 liquid.  Even here, the proportions can be adjusted depending on how 
 thick the desired roux should be.  The liquid doesn't even have to be
 milk.  Besides the health benefits, I like recipe because it is 
 relatively quick and fairly foolproof.
 kwlacto lacto