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tomato-spinach-sauce recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Jun 94 12:52:10 EDT
 From:    "H.L. Darby" (lawhld@gsusgi2.gsu.edu)
 tomato spinach sauce
 1/2 cup      ff spagetti sauce
 1-1 1/2 cup  spinach
 1 Tbs each   fresh dill, thyme, and marjoram
 5-6          fresh basil leaves
 2-3 colves   fresh garlic
 2-3 cups     water
 1 pkg        Lipton Tomato-Herb soup (dry)
 Put all sauce in pot (rinse jar & use that too). Add soup powder.
 Blenderize remaining ingredients using as much water as needed. 
 Add to the sauce and simmer until desired consistancy.
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