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tomatillo-sauce recipe

Date:    Thu, 31 Mar 94 09:55:51 +0500
 From:    epochsys!aiko@uunet.uu.net (Aiko Pinkoski)
 from Reversing Heart Disease
 Tomatillo sauce 
 10 tomatillos, husked
 2 jalapenos, veins & seed removed
 1/2 large onion, cut into large chunks
 3 peeled cloves garlic (I used 5 since mine were small :-)
 large bunch cilantro (I used about 1 cup lightly packed)
 optional cumin...I forgot & didn't miss it.
 Put tomatillos, jalapenos, onion & garlic into boiling water. 
 Simmer (don't boil) until tomatillos turn bright green, then olive green
 (took about 10 minutes, the tops of mine never turned olive green).
 Don't overcook or the the tomatillos will split open.  Take vegies out
 w/slotted spoon into blender, add cilantro (I just took off the thickest 
 stems) and puree.  Add cumin and more (raw) peppers or garlic if you want 
 it spicier.  Add cooking liquid to thin sauce if necessary.
 kwvegan vegan