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spinach-sauce recipe

Date:    Sat, 08 Apr 95 18:59:36 PDT
 From:    manicd@SIRIUS.COM
 Tired of tomato sauce? This is really easy to make and one of my favorites,
 terrific with pasta or rice. When we have this with brown rice, I add
 oregano for a Greek-style flavor.
 Easy Spinach Sauce
 1 package frozen spinach, cooked and drained of all water
 1/2 cup vegetable broth
 3 cloves garlic, more or less to taste
 1 tsp onion powder
 salt & pepper to taste
 Put spinach, garlic and spices in blender and add 1/2 of the vegetable
 broth. Blend until smooth, adding more vegetable broth if necessary (more
 broth = thinner sauce). After blending, return to saucepan and heat until
 hot. Serve over rice or pasta.
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