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sicilian-lentil-pasta-sauce recipe

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 05:49:28 -0700
From: "Justina Davies" (45rpm@chickmail.com)
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Sicilian Lentil Pasta Sauce (Vegan)
 Categories: Pasta, Lowfat, Prodigy, Dec.
      Yield: 8 servings
      1 c  Chopped onions
      2 c  Sliced mushrooms
      3    Garlic cloves; finely choppe
      1 c  Uncooked dried lentils
      3 c  Water
     16 oz Canned tomato sauce; no salt
      6 oz Tomato paste
  1 1/2 ts Sugar
    1/2 c  Water

  Thick and rich with mushrooms, lentils and spices, this sauce is
high in protein and fiber as well as in flavor. If you like a thick
pasta sauce, this is it.

  In a large nonstick sauce pan over medium heat add onions mushrooms
and garlic adding a bit of water to prevent sticking. Cook until
tender, about 5 min. Add lentils and water. Bring to a boil stirring
occasionally. Reduce heat to low and cover and cook for 40 min. Add
remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Cover and cook 20 min
stirring occasionally. add more water if a thinner sauce is
desired. Serve over pasta or rice.

 Source: Lean Luscious and
  Meatless, Page(s): 200, Date Published: 1992, by
  Bobbie Hinman & Millie Snyder :
  D/L from Prodigy 12-14-94. Recipe collection of Sue Smith. 1.80a

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