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red-pepper-sauce-4 recipe

Date:    Wed, 09 Nov 94 11:06:34 EST
 From:    kelly roddy (kroddy@falcon.bgsu.edu)
 red pepper sauce
 It was really very simple. I cut about 6 red peppers in strips and placed 
 them on a cookie sheet. I placed about 1/2 bulb of garlic (don't peel 
 the cloves) in some foil and put all of this in the oven on 425 for about 
 a half hour. (The tips of the peppers were just starting to look charred, 
 so I took them out.) I let them cool for a while then tossed peppers and 
 garlic into the food processor with a little basil and zapped. (Be sure 
 to peel the garlic before zapping.)
 This mixture adds a lot of flavor to an ordinary tomato sauce or it can 
 be used by itself. Yum!
 kwvegan vegan