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onion-basil-sauce recipe

Date:    Wed, 16 Feb 94 22:06:59 CST
 From:    Cristina Perissinotto  (mcpg1309@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
 *Sauce with onions and fresh basil*
 1 can of tomatoes
 1 handful of fresh basil
 2 cloves of garlic
 1 or 2 hot peppers, crushed. 
 The most important thing is pick the right kind
 of tomatoes. Forget about tomato paste or puree,
 I think crushed canned tomatoes work best. If you 
 can find italian crushed tomatoes (brands: Cirio, Sacla',
 Arrigoni) that would be best, but they are 
 hard to find.
 Usually whole canned tomatoes tend to result in a 
 watery sauce.
 You can also add fresh tomatoes for texture, if
 you want. If you have fresh tomatoes from the
 garden,I would suggest you still add some canned
 Pour tomatoes, minced garlic and crushed peppers 
 in a pot and let it cook for twenty minutes. 
 Meantime, cut up the basil leaves (better would be
 to break them up with your hands: basil loses 
 part of its flavor if cut with  knife), and add them
 to the sauce towards the end. 
 Let it cook for another 5 minutes. 
 Voila', it's ready. Best with any kind of
 pasta especially whole weat.
 kwvegan vegan