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mushroom-stroganoff recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Sep 93 09:28:46 PDT
 From:    Jan Gordon (jagordon@AGSM.UCLA.EDU)
 'Well, this is one of those things I just *make* I don't use a recipe, 
 basically, I make a white sauce using non fat milk or soy/rice milk, 
 they work very well, too.  Then I add a dollop of nonfat yogurt to add 
 creaminess at the end.
 I will give a recipe a shot:
 Clean and slice 1 pound mushrooms (use a few exotic ones if you are 
 into that)
 clean, trim and cut into 1" pieces 1 pound green beans
 slice 1 or 2 onions
 1 teaspoon or more dried sage
 1 teaspoon thyme
 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
 salt or chicken flavor veggie broth mix to taste
 1/2 cup dry white wine or broth (vermouth, sherry, ))
 1/3 ? cup whole wheat flour
 2 or 3 cups non fat milk or soy or rice milk
 1/2 cup non fat yogurt - optional, leave out for vegan
 Put veggies and herbs with wine in large dutch over, cover and steam
 till tender put flour with 1 cup milk in a jar or plastic container
 with a lid, shake well 
 Add 2 cups milk to veggies, bring to a simmer add flour and milk
 mixture to pot, a little at a time, keep shaking it up, stir and
 simmer til desired thickness is acheived
 Add yogurt and heat, do not boil
 (play with the amount of milk and flour, I just add stuff till I am 
 happy with it.)
 Serve over eggless noodles, rice, baked or mashed potatoes or....
 Yea, I know it's a lot, I love leftovers.
 kwvegan vegan