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mole-sauce recipe

Date:    Fri, 22 Oct 93 23:50:15 PDT
 From:    Michelle Dick (artemis)
 From: The Live Longer Now Cookbook by Jon Leonard and Elaine Taylor
 (an early Pritikin cookbook).
 8 fresh tomatillos (or one 10-ounce can of tomatillos)
 1 small onion, chopped
 2 T chopped fresh cilantro
 2 T finely chopped canned California green chiles
 (If tomatillos are fresh rather than canned, cook them, covered, in
 1/2 cup water over medium heat about 15 minutes or until tender.
 Cool.) Chop and blend tomatillos in blender until fairly smooth.
 Saute onion in 1/4 cup water, then combine with tomatillos and other
 ingredients.  Cover and simmer 15 minutes, stirring occassionally.
 Makes 1 cup.  For convenience, freeze sauce in ice-cube tray.  Use
 frozen cubes as needed.  GREEN MOLE SAUCE is used as Mexican-style
 sauce for (censored).  It is also used to make RED MOLE SAUCE.
 1/3 cup RED CHILI LIQUID (see recipe below)
 (1 clove garlic, cut in half)
 (Pinch of oregano)
 (Pinch of pepper)
 (Pinch of cumin)
 Stir ingredients together and heat through.  Remove garlic after
 heating, if cut garlic has been used.  Makes 1 cup.  Use as
 Mexican-style sauce for (censored).
 2 dried, mild red chiles (pasilla, ancho, or California)
 1 cup boiling water
 Toast chilies on cookie sheet in 400 deg F oven for a few minutes
 only, until their aroma can be smelled.  Be careful not to burn.  Cool
 enough for easy handling.  Remove seeds, stems, and pith.  Rinse, and
 cover with boiling water.  Let stand 2 hours. Store in refrigerator
 and use as needed.  Remove chilies just before using.  Makes 1 cup.
 (Flavor intensifies if chilies remain in their liquid.)  Liquid may be
 frozen in small cubes for convenience.
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