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golden-cheaze-sauce recipe

Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 6:57:33 CDT
 From: (DThomson@bangate.compaq.com)
 I have to admit, I was very skeptical that this sauce would really
 satisfy my cheese cravings.  But it does!  It is SO delicious and
 cheesey-tangy.  I tried it the other night as "Welsh Rabbit" over
 toast with green peas on the side.  I even gave it to my 12-year-old
 son as a dip with tortilla chips.  He thought it was great, and was
 certain there was an abundance of cheese in the dip. I think this
 recipe would be a good recipe for "fooling" SAD eaters at potluck
 dinners.  Enjoy!
 Golden Cheaze Sauce
 Non-dairy and very low-fat, with a taste similar to American or mild 
 cheddar cheese, it can be used as a cheese whiz.
 1 1/2 c. great northern beans, cooked (or one 15.5 oz. can)
 6 T. nutritional yeast
 1/4 c. pimiento pieces (or 1/4 c. chopped, cooked sweet red bell pepper)
 juice from one freshly squeezed lemon
 1 T. low-salt shoyu or tamari
 1 t. onion powder
 1/2 t. any type of prepared mustard
 1/2 t. salt
 In a blender, mix all ingredients until very smooth.  Refrigerate and store 
 in a sealed container.
 Spoon Golden Cheaze over baked potatoes (with soy "bacon" bits), as a sauce 
 over vegetables, as a Welsh rabbit (add a little non-alcoholic beer and 
 Worchestershire sauce), and as a chili-con-queso when mixed with salsa.  
 Sprinkle over tacos and in enchiladas instead of dairy cheeses.  Heated 
 with a little white wine and a pinch of nutmeg, it makes a filling fondue, 
 served with squares of whole wheat French bread.  Mix with a cup of corn 
 kernels and diced celery for a hearty corn and cheaze soup.
 6 - 1/2 cup servings, each:
 Calories:  69
 Fat:  0.28 g (4%)
 Carbohydrate:  12.25 g
 Protein:  5.01 g
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