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eggplant-spaghetti-sauce recipe

Date:    Mon, 08 Aug 94 23:38:10 EDT
 From:    6522@delphi.com
 -Spaghetti Sauce- 
 1 eggplant/ peeled and diced
 1 large onion/ chopped
 1/4 cup mushrooms/sliced
 1/2 cup drinking wine
 2-4 cloves of garlic/pressed
 large bottle prepared spaghetti sauce
 Spices to taste(I use tsp of basil, oregano, pepper)
 Bake eggplant in 375F oven for 30 minutes
 In nonstick pot (or use some water) cook onion at medium high until
 Throw in garlic. Cook for 3 minutes.
 Pour in spaghetti sauce and mushrooms, heat to boiling and pour in wine. Add
 kwvegan vegan