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artichoke-pasta-sauce recipe

Date:    Mon, 23 Aug 93 14:10:47 PDT
 From:    Linn Compton (linnco@microsoft.com)
 Here's my version of Lynn's Artichoke Pasta Sauce.
 I decided to have spaghetti last week and didn't discover until the 
 noodles were boiling that I was out of my favorite no-fat canned 
 spaghetti sauce (Hunt's). Being a person who hates milk (and that 
 includes pseudo-milks), I changed Lynn's recipe. Also being a person 
 who had about 5 minutes left before the noodles were done, I needed a 
 very fast solution. Here's what I did:
 1 can artichoke hearts packed in water (chop the hearts up)
 2 cans S&W chopped tomatoes
 1 packet spaghetti sauce seasoning mix
 Pour everything into a pan and heat till thickened.
 It was delicious. But then, I never claimed to be Julia Child. I'll 
 take fast, easy, delicious, and filling over anything that requires 
 culinary skill.
 kwvegan vegan