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yam-falafels recipe

Date:    Mon, 14 Mar 94 09:47:36 PST
 From:    dawn@isi.com (Dawn Phillips)
 Yam/Sweet Potato falafels
 	1 part bulgar wheat + 1.5 parts water (add salt if you want)
 Let stand until reconstituted. Add:
 	1.5 parts falafel mix
 add 2-3 parts mashed sweet potato. Add water as needed and let sit.
 In a nonstick pan, drop tablespoonfuls of mixture, shape into into patties 
 and fry over medium-low heat. They don't take very long.
 Falafels can be a bit gritty because they may contain largish bits of 
 dried garbanzos or split peas, but they will soften as the mixture sits, 
 and even after you've cooked them, as the juices from the vegetables
 are absorbed. I like these room temperature. If you keep reheating them
 they get dry.
 kwvegan vegan