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veggie-burger-2 recipe

Date:    Mon, 22 Aug 94 18:01:27
 From:    andrew.jones@downtown.durham.nc.us
 Veggie Burgers
 1 1/2 cups      short grain brown rice (measure uncooked)
 1/2   cup       onion (finely diced)
 2/3   cup       carrot (minced or grated)
 1/2   tsp       dry basil
 1/2   tsp       dry thyme 
 1/2   tsp       black pepper (coarse grind)
 1/4   cup       tamari
      Cook the rice so that it comes out a bit dry (if it is very sticky 
 and damp let it dry some by spreading it on a tray for a while.)
      After the rice cools, add all other ingredients, mix well, and sort 
 of knead the mixture a bit until it feels a bit sticky.
      Form into patties about 4 inches round and about 1/2 to 3/4 inches 
 thick (don't make them to thin).
      Place on a nonstick baking sheet, and put into a preheated 450 
 degree oven.
      Let cook for about 25 minutes, flip and cook for another 10 to 15 
      If the mixture was too wet the burgers will kind of flow and get 
 thin.  When you are making the patties you will probably think that this 
 can't be done.  My family loves these with onion tomato and coarse 
      Thanks to a kind person at the local Wellspring Grocery and Deli 
 who was kind enough to share a recipe with their customers.
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