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veggie-burger recipe

Date:    Mon, 15 Aug 94 11:55:02 CDT
 From:    Marge Robbins (mrobbins@worf.infonet.net)
    Veggieburger in quantity
   This is a rather freeform recipe that puts veggieburgers into the 
 "instant" catagory.
 1 cup of each of the following.   Dried corn, whole wheat, brown rice, 
 white rice, black beans, lintels, oatmeal
 Whir grains one at a time in blender until coarsely chopped.  mix well 
 and store in a covered container.
   When you want a veggie burger scoop out needed amount (1 cup makes 4 
 good sized burgers)  whir 1 cup at a time in blender until reasonably fine.
   Heat 1 cup of water for each cup of mix until boiling add seasonings 
 (see below) add to dry mixture and stir until liquid is absorbed.  Drop 
 by large spoonsfull into nonstick fry pan (or use pam)  it will firm up 
 as it cooks. Its gloppy to start with. That's ok. Turn when brown on 
 bottom.  serve as pleases you.
    For a more tender pancake like burger use a little more water.
 beef, chicken, or ham flavored burgers.  Use 2 TBS (more or less to 
 taste) soup starter for each cup of water.  Serve on buns with lettuce 
 tomatoe, onion, ketchup, mustard or whatever strikes your fancy.  For 
 cheeseburgers use FF cheese.
 Taco burgers
 add 1/2 pkt taco seasonings to each cup of water.  serve with salsa
 or stir fry to a chunky consistancy and make tacos
 hawaiian burgers
 use pineapple juice in place of 1/2 the water add a dash of soy sauce.  
 Serve with pineapple rings.
 sloppy joes  use 1/2 c. sloppy joe mix for each cup of water stir fry to 
 chuncky consistancy. Serve on whole wheat buns.
 sweet and sour burgers.  Use soy sauce in place of 1/4 water.  Serve with 
 sweet and sour sauce. There are many FF versions on the market or you can 
 make your own.  I have a recipe somewhere I can look up if anyone is 
 kwvegan vegan