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tofu-lettuce-tomato-sandwiches recipe

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:43:54 -0800
From: afisher@osh.earthreach.com (Albert Lee Fisher)

I cook for a number of people, so I use the whole pound of tofu.  1-2
people would probably only need 1/4 pound.

***Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches***

1 pound reduced fat water pack tofu
     I use white wave, as that is what is available through my food
     buying club.  Do not use silken tofu.
BBQ sauce
    We use Annie's smokey maple flavor.  Does have some soybean oil in
    it so is .5g fat/ 2 tablespoons.  But we like the flavor for this.

Drain tofu, then slice.  Try to slice so does resemble the thickness of
a thick slice of bacon.  I cut the block in half crosswise, and then cut
each into slices.  Hard to explain, but eyeball the tofu and you'll
figure it out.  For this recipe I press the tofu.  This just means as
you cut your slices, lay them on a clean dish cloth, when all cut top
with another dishcloth, lay cookie sheet on top and press gently.  This
helps the tofu hold together better and by squeezing out the water, will
soak up more of marinade.

Now I hope you are not giving up already.  It is not really complicated.

Using a non-stick cookie sheet, I still give it a quick spray with PAM.
Lay your tofu on the sheet.  A pound will fill up a large cookie sheet.
Mix about 2 table spoons of the BBQ sauce with another 2 table spoons
water.  brush on to the tofu.  I sprinkle with vege-sal also because I
like a little saltier taste.  Now bake in oven at 350F until the tofu
has absorbed the marinade.  Once they start to cook, they become easier
to handle and can by flipped over so both sides absorb sauce.  My children
like them pretty well done.  They stay white and soft inside, but get a
chewy crisp brown outside. Add more marinade if needed.

I used to pan fry these back about 20 years ago when I first thought of
them.  It used so  much oil.  Then about 5-6 years ago I thought, now
why can't I try baking them and it really works.  Then assemble into
sandwiches just as regular BLT's.

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